Sibling Groups

Social Group for Neurosibs

An opportunity for play, community and skill building for siblings of children with social communication challenges and other learning differences.

Siblings can experience increased worries and fears based on the added stress or unexpected events of their family lives. Sometimes, siblings can also have their own sensitivities, trouble with peer interactions and managing their emotions.

In this group, Sibs are engaged in social emotional learning and walk away with a tool box to better self-care and navigate social situations. Mindfulness practices are integrated with child-friendly cognitive behavioral therapy strategies all in a fun age-appropriate experience.

Prospective group members are invited to a 30-minute intake with their parents. During the intake the therapist will assess the child’s interests, strengths and areas of need. The therapist will obtain information about the child’s availability during the intake and plan the group meeting time accordingly.

Participants: Sibs ages 8-12. A minimum of four sibs are needed to run the group.

Duration: 10-week group experience (no group during major holidays). The group meets for 1 hour. Once the group starts, new members will only be added if the sib is determined to complement and benefit the group.

Fees: $75 for 30-minute intake, $950 for 10-week group session. Insurance can be billed for clients who have a PPO plan. Client must contact insurance company to inquire about the rate of reimbursement to determine the copay amount before their intake session. The code for group psychotherapy is 90853.

The groups meet at Thrive Healing Center for Families & Children.  To schedule an intake, Contact AnaMaria