Parents & Families

We are committed to helping parents and caretakers by providing them with individual, parent-child and family therapy, information and resources as they embark on the path of raising their child and navigate competing demands inside and outside the family home.

The journey of parenting is almost always not what we expected. There is really no book, course or expert that holds the answers for all parents as each family is blessed and challenged with unique variables that color and shape their experiences as a unit.

For some families, unlocking the full potential of their child and propelling the family into a balanced and joyful existence is a complex and spiritual journey. This experience can feel isolated and discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The brain can be changed and the body can heal.  Joy and stability can be achieved.

Ms. AnaMaria knows this journey first hand, and has supported and witnessed many children and families begin to thrive as their understanding of their children grows. However, it is essential to remember that we are always better able to care for others when we have attended to our own needs. In fact, we can be vicariously traumatized, if not led into distress, by the stress and struggles of our children.

Seeking therapy and support for yourself as a parent does not mean that you have failed or are somehow flawed and incapable. It means you are courageous and wise. It means that you recognize that you need to take care of you and then others.