Adults and Teens

Therapy with AnaMaria is active and engaging. She provides a warm and confidential environment in which teens and adults can begin to explore their feelings, thoughts and behaviors in the context of their current relationships, life’s demands and stressors. AnaMaria utilizes research-based proven techniques from T.E.A.M Therapy Model during therapeutic sessions to help clients gain insights and develop tools to understand how to go about bringing the desired change into their life. Tools for home practice are also offered in order to help clients experience symptom relief and wellness rapidly.

We serve adults and teenagers with respect and acceptance for who they are, and provide treatment to help each individual regain a strong sense of balance, wellness and ability to cope and respond to life’s demands with greater ease.

The teenage years are an important time of transition. The range and breath of stressors on teenagers has increased and become more complex in today’s society. Seeking therapy does not mean that you are somehow defective. Therapy is a safe place to help you better understand yourself so you can feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin.

In fact, some individuals experience life with more intensity and ponder deeply about their inner workings and social interactions, and find Thrive therapists to be helpful allies in their quest for deeper understanding.