Adults & Teens:
Therapy with AnaMaria is active and engaging. She provides a warm and confidential environment in which teens and adults can begin to explore their feelings, thoughts and behaviors in the context of their current relationships, life’s demands and stressors. AnaMaria utilizes research-based proven techniques from T.E.A.M Therapy Model during therapeutic sessions to help clients gain insights and develop tools to understand how to go about bringing the desired change into their life. Tools for home practice are also offered in order to help clients experience symptom relief and wellness rapidly.

We serve adults and teenagers with respect and acceptance for who they are, and provide treatment to help each individual heal and regain a strong sense of balance, wellness and ability to fulfill one’s responsibilities with ease.

Some individuals experience life with more intensity and ponder deeply about their inner workings and social interactions as they seek a higher level of consciousness and find Thrive therapists to be helpful allies in their quest for deeper understanding.


AnaMaria is skilled at “seeing the world through the eyes of her clients” and putting the puzzle of the multiple presenting challenges together to reveal the big picture about the needs and strengths of the child and identify the best path for comprehensive treatment. Putting the puzzle together is essential as two children who find school stressful, have trouble with friendships, and trouble managing their behaviors and emotions may be having these experiences for entirely different reasons. In fact, the most commonly used diagnosis for children with these difficulties may be ADHD but the underlying cause could be anxiety, sensory processing, High Functioning Autism, a learning disability such as dyslexia or language processing.

When working with children, AnaMaria utilizes play-based, sensory integration, cognitive behavioral therapy, and social cognition interventions to help children develop neurological pathways necessary for learning and healing.

AnaMaria is keenly aware that in order for children to thrive at home, school and the community at large, they need to reach developmental milestones, improve their ability to understand and navigate their social situations and environments, develop problem solving skills, and learn how to respond to their body’s signals and needs.

In the past ten years, AnaMaria has immersed herself in research and practice with gifted, twice-exceptional, High Functioning Autism and related developmental disorders. AnaMaria has completed training on multiple intervention models such as Integrated Peer Playgroups, Early Start Denver Model, SCERTS, Social Thinking with Michelle Garcia-Winner, Sensory Processing & Integration, and Social Emotional Learning models.

Parents & Families:
We are committed to helping parents and caretakers by providing them with individual, parent-child and family therapy, information and resources as they embark on the path of raising their child and navigate competing demands inside and outside the family home.

The journey of parenting is almost always not what we expected. There is really no book, course or expert that holds the answers for all parents as each family is blessed and challenged with unique variables that color and shape their experiences as a unit. For some families, unlocking the full potential of their child and propelling the family into a balanced and joyful existence is a complex and spiritual journey. This experience can feel isolated and discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be this way. The brain can be changed and the body can heal.  Ms. AnaMaria knows this journey first hand, and has supported and witnessed many children and families begin to thrive as their understanding of their children grows.

Consultations & Support:  Some parents wish to establish a relationship that allows them to access expert guidance and resources as needed, perhaps monthly check-ins for a safe place to reflect on challenges and options for course of action.  AnaMaria is a flexible and creative professional and able to adapt to the needs of her clients. In addition, her experience working with schools, insurances and a team of providers enables her to not only empathize with her clients but also tools to more efficiently navigate these obstacles and environments. 

Professional Development Services:
We also provide educational resources and support to educators and other professionals who serve children with social communication differences, learning differences and gifted and twice-exceptional children. We deliver this service through consultations, classes/discussion groups, and presentations ranging from 2 hours to full day.

Areas of Specialty

  • Stress Reduction, Mood & Anxiety Disorders, Life Transitions, and Parenting
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavioral and Learning Difficulties
  • Exceptional children; children with learning and/or behavioral problems often rooted in anxiety and/or social communication deficits, children with sensory impairments, and children who are intellectually gifted or have a special talent.
  • Parents, educators and other professionals working with exceptional children who are interested in learning new strategies for helping these students reach their full potential and benefit from their home and educational setting.
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum Design, Training and Implementation Services