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There is so much value and focus placed on intelligence in our society and it alone is often regarded as the ultimate predictor of success. Regrettably, smarts alone are not enough to help a person succeed in school, work, relationships and pretty much in all aspects of life.

When your child is intelligent, ….  but doesn’t perform well in school, …… has trouble forming and keeping friendships, is isolating himself or herself, or worse yet, is being mistreated by peers,…. or has trouble coping with the social demands of life outside of home ….. or is constantly consumed with fears and worries (which at times make no sense to you)…. is getting in trouble at school because he or she is spacing out or cannot sit still….. has trouble with organization and procrastinates constantly… or maybe your child is all of sudden struggling with change and transitions…. or maybe your child is just so emotionally sensitive and intense that nothing you do or say seems to be enough….. maybe your child learns differently and being different has shot their sense of worth and value…. you and your child may both feel at a loss of what to do, while hoping desperately for change.

Maybe as a parent you have found yourself experiencing a range of emotions towards your child… from anger to embarrassment to confusion to disappointment to pride? Maybe you feel exhausted and at a loss? Maybe you are worried about your other child and are looking for a professional who is familiar with all of it, the whole family dynamic, to help him or her.

Maybe as a teen or adult you have always felt different or that you did not quite fit in and maybe struggled with things like tags on clothes and crowds, but did not know why?

At Thrive, we get it! We specialize in gifted, twice-exceptional, anxious, and those with sensory processing & integration challenges.  Maybe these are new terms for you. Maybe these do not quite fit but you feel “different” and want some professional help with coping skills. Our goal is to help you understand who you are, what you need, and how to get those needs met.

Our treatment approach synthesizes positive psychology, social cognitive behavioral, humanistic, and existential frameworks with mindfulness practices.

We invite you to spend some time getting to know us through our site and contact us if you have any questions or wish to get started with a free 30-minute phone consultation.