Welcome to Thrive

As the years have passed, my ability to search for the right providers for my children, my family and myself has really changed as has my understanding of psychotherapy and counseling services. I have learned to look deeper, and hope to help you do the same.

In the first few years of my career, I was a very traditional psychotherapist and focused on getting clinical experience in different settings and with different populations. I thought about therapy and counseling at best as an opportunity for change and transformation through insight and understanding of our thoughts and emotions. At worse, I found myself helping to manage symptoms and psychotropic intervention in outpatient clinics. Then, I experienced first hand the world of neurodiversity—development that differs from the norm, and was forever changed by the experience.

I now know that as a psychotherapist I have an opportunity to heal, not just the heart but also the body and brain! Not only the individual client, but also a whole family, and even impact a whole community through education. You see, when development is different than you expected, one is truly faced with the opportunity to discover how the brain learns, how brilliance and deficit coexist, what behavior tells us about how a person sees and experiences the world, and challenges us to ask how the world must change to fully see him or her.

Treatment that is holistic takes into account the whole person and that is when healing occurs, not just behavior or symptom management. Understanding development is critical not only for the young developing child, but also for the adult who seeks to better understand his own emotions, how to better navigate life’s demands and build or maintain healthy relationships. For example, specialized intervention is to know how to guide a child’s social emotional development when his cognitive ability is leaps ahead, or to know the role that a person’s sensitivities play in their adaptability to their environment or life’s transitions, or to know how to use visuals and interactive strategies rather than the traditional talk therapy for those for whom auditory processing is not a strength..

Therefore, at Thrive, the goal is to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of each client in order to help unlock the healing and positively transform the lives of the child, adult, and family. We employ knowledge of language and communication, social learning, and sensory integration along with traditional methods of cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic and mindfulness practices when working with children, adolescents, and adults.

We specialize in the treatment of life’s transitions, stress reduction and emotional wellbeing, behavioral, developmental and learning disorders, Trauma, Grief & Loss, anxiety and fears, depression, and gifted & twice-exceptional children and teens.